windinformer replied to your post:I can’t tell you how incredibly giddy it makes me…

(Your art is much loved, you see)
/whispers about how sometimes I check out my old letters so I can enjoy Maiko Art Classique(TM)

Haha oh god, I am cringing at the thought of my old artwork. Your art was so friggin boss though, nice colors and everything. Sometimes I dig through all my old letters too and admire it.

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I can’t tell you how incredibly giddy it makes me when people say my art makes them happy, or gave them good feels, or cheered them up in some way.

I just want to draw doofy silly things all day to put a smile on peoples’ faces.


Part 2!

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Inspirational pokemon photos.

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»20722296Natu wearing a paper hat

Natu wearing a paper hat


Favorite Pokemon based on plants (x,x)

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Ancient rain

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An excerpt from last night

Yes I am.

Chants “one of us”

This Pokemon is pretty cute.

This Pokemon is pretty cute.